3D Engine Optimized for WebXR Releases Version 1.2.0

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6 May 2024 – Wonderland GmbH (Cologne, Germany) today announced the release of version 1.2.0. Wonderland Engine is the 3D engine for the web that powers the Webby Award-winning WebXR game “The Escape Artist” by Paradowski Creative.

Version 1.2.0 brings significant improvements to Wonderland Engine’s rendering capabilities and editor and marks a major step forward for the engine, empowering developers to build stunning 3D experiences not only for VR and AR, but also Desktop and Mobile.

This release introduces a suite of post-processing effects, including bloom and tone mapping, for enhanced visual fidelity. Additionally, support for HDR environments allows for the creation of scenes with realistic lighting conditions. For animations, 1D and 2D blending capabilities provide greater flexibility and control over character movement, while morph target support enables the creation of expressive facial animations.

Jonathan Hale, CEO & founder of Wonderland:

“Building on the foundation that is Wonderland Engine’s incredible performance on the web, this release brings rendering fidelity to unlock a range of new use cases, from next-gen product configurators, over architectural visualization and industrial metaverse, to web games.”

Beyond the headline features, version 1.2.0 lays the groundwork for future advancements with a focus on scalability and extensibility. The editor now has a TypeScript-based plugin API for developers to write custom tools. The animation system now utilizes animation graphs, paving the way for more complex animation workflows. Scene handling has been enhanced to efficiently manage resources across multiple scenes. Finally, the serialization format for custom components has been revamped to accommodate a wider range of property types in the future.

A detailed breakdown of the features and fixes in 1.2.0 can be found in the Wonderland Engine 1.2.0 changelog.

Wonderland Engine is available for free on wonderlandengine.com.

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