Wonderland Engine Releases Version 1.1.6

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December 29, 2023 – Wonderland releases version 1.1.6 of Wonderland Engine, the development platform for VR, AR and 3D on the web.
This version is a hotfix release for their recently released 1.1.5 version, which brought support for navigator.offerSession.

Find the full changelog here:

And the 1.1.5 changelog here:

About Wonderland

Wonderland™ is a startup based in Cologne, Germany. The company’s flagship product is the Wonderland Engine, enabling developers to easily build highly performant web-based VR, AR and 3D graphics applications optimized for unmatched web performance. 

Wonderland Engine implements specialized optimizations to take full advantage of the latest web APIs, including WebGL2, WebXR, WebAudio and eventually, WebGPU. Using Wonderland Engine, code or scene changes are reflected in the browser in less than a second.

Learn more at wonderlandengine.com.